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 Sell Us Cinema Gear for Cash-Contact Us!




  Why Sell to Us?

  • Get Instant Cash - If you have what we're looking for, we'll pay you fast!
  • Trust our Integrity - We believe that any purchase or sale is good when both parties are pleased-this is our "buying" motto.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you buy? - We buy 16mm, 35mm, 70mm movie cameras, lenses, geared-head tripods and accessories. We also buy certain still cameras, field cameras, and field lenses. We may buy one camera or lens, or huge camera collections. The list is long. Just tell us what you have!
  • Is there anything you don't buy? - You never know what we may buy! Contact us!
  • How much do you pay? - We pay fair prices (so that you are happy and we are happy). We do not pay retail prices. Remember, we invest countless hours refurbishing items.
  • Could I make more money selling it myself? - Maybe. But maybe not. Sometimes we do encourage people to sell an item themselves. However, from our experience with buying and selling all over the world, often you will not be able to get the amount of money you think you want. Ninety-eight percent of vintage cameras and lenses need something. Lenses may have fungus, cleaning marks, scratches, haze, moisture, delaminated elements, missing screws, oil on blades, or frozen focus and aperture rings. We take lenses apart to remedy these problems, if they can be remedied. Camera motors dry up and squeak, run slowly, or may not even run properly at all speeds; they also frequently are missing knobs and have leatherette pealing, which we repair. Viewfinders and prisms, like lenses, can also be infected with fungus or haze. This list is long, accurate, and we won't belabor it-but this is what we encounter and spend hours on every day to be able to sell at retail.
  • What is your buying process? - Easy! Just contact us with what you have. Be prepared to provide pictures and answer some questions. If we decide that your item is something we're interested in, we prefer that you give us your asking price, or perhaps we will tell you how much we can pay. (Please remember that we do not pay retail prices and we do not play pricing games.) When the buying price is agreed upon, we buy your item. In some cases, we may request that you send us the item first; you are fully reimbursed shipping costs, which is included in our payment to you, upon receipt of the item. Of course, this all varies because we buy all over the world with many sets of circumstances. But we strive to be very straight-forward.
  • Do you ever sell on consignment? - Typically not; we prefer to buy outright. However, we would consider it for certain high-end, expensive equipment. All inventory that we have for sale has been paid for and is owned by us (our preference). Contact Us to discuss this option, as situations vary.