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About Kern Paillard

Kern began manufacturing lenses in 1914 and it was the opportunistic demands of the first two world wars that drove growth, innovation, and eventually collaboration with Bolex for the manufacture of moving picture lenses for Bolex movie cameras.

While Kern Paillard was not the first manufacturer to experience growth during wartime, Kern lenses were the first lenses to have automatic depth of field scale and anti-reflective coating. They continued introducing many lens innovations for both 8mm and 16mm movie cameras through the 1960s.

Modern professionals and film experts compare the exacting clarity and sharpness given by Kern Paillard lenses to the mighty Zeiss lenses. Kern lenses are still being used for professional and amateur filming; they are even being adapted to shoot on digital cameras.

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(A note that any vintage lens used on a digital camera below 25mm will begin to vignette.)