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About Cooke & Taylor Hobson

Cooke lenses have captured history since the 1890’s: expeditions to the Antarctic, famous ascensions of Mount Everest, and some portraits of America by Ansell Adams. Cooke lenses also made history, mounting a list of several “firsts,” including: the famous triplet design; the first lens to withstand extreme atmospheric conditions, the first Technicolor technology, and etcetera, etcetera—the list is long.

Cooke’s were manufactured by Taylor-Hobson, who supplied Cooke lenses exclusively for Bell & Howell (including the first zoom lens for cinematography, the Bell & Howell Cooke Vario 40-120mm Lens). And according to Cooke history, “Charlie Chaplain, Hal Roach, Cecil B. DeMille and others used Cooke lenses and Eyemo cameras exclusively” (Eyemos were manufactured with Cooke lenses).

Cooke lenses have been at the forefront of outstanding lenses from more than 100 years.or

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